Time for Wellbeing has a Toolbox Talk series to support health education for local workplaces

We can work with your business to:

  • Promote health awareness.
  • Provide information on local health support and services available.
  • Provide details of activities to promote wellbeing in the region.

We’ve got some great education resources covering these important topics for our community:

  • A healthy diet for wellbeing
  • Time to be active (physical activity)
  • Sleep easy – the importance of sleep and your health
  • Social wellbeing and mental health – feeling good the healthy way
  • Trash the ash (quiting smoking)
  • Alcohol – let’s prevent the harm
  • Illicit and prescription drugs – the facts
  • Healthy relationships – expect respect

If you’re interested in our education resources, get in contact with Angela (angela@healthyenvirons.com.au) to find out more.