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act - for physical health

We are so fortunate living in an area where the weather allows people to be active on a regular basis. Sport is popular in our region with high participation rates in local sporting clubs. The region also provides infrastructure to support an active community such as walking paths and playgrounds. Time for Wellbeing aims to support the local community to be active and healthy by:

  • Supporting local events and activities to get involved in the community.

  • Informing local groups and community members of activities to support their physical wellbeing.

  • Promoting and supporting local facilities and sporting clubs.

  • Educating the community about chronic disease risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and unhealthy diet.

Local resources and activities

In Roxby Downs we are fortunate to have a state of the art sporting facility to connect people in our community. Sporting facilities include netball/basketball/squash courts, swimming pools and a gymnasium. Away from the sporting facility there are many other sporting clubs such as golf, football, pony club, swimming club, tennis club and various motorsports clubs that the community can be involved with.

There are a range of services and groups to support those working and living in the region.

  • Roxbylink

  • Individual sporting clubs, East Roxby, Miners, Hornridge and Olympic Dam.

  • HEAL program is a lifestyle modification program that helps people develop lifelong healthy habits. Commencing May 2019. Contact Angela/Amanda at the Community Hub.

Links to Online resources and support

  • Get Healthy is a free, confidential information and telephone based coaching service that helps adults make lifestyle changes in relation to healthy eating, being physically active and achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Each year in Australia more than 4 men die every hour from conditions that are potentially preventable – that’s 35,000 men a year! Foundation 49: Men’s Health’s goal is to help Australian men to live longer and healthier lives. Foundation 49 provides a range of resources including a Men’s Health Toolkit.

  • Quitline's trained staff provide counselling and information to support people to quit smoking. Initial calls can be followed up with call-backs over a period of 3 months after quitting. Support from Quitline can double your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

  • Drink Wise provides guidance on safe and responsible levels of alcohol consumption.